5 simple hack to travel the world for with minimum money or free


Most people love to travel but how every person prefers travelling is always different from others. While some prefer going on a long trip, others are more comfortable in planning short trips. Most trip freaks look forward to opportunities for free travel.

It is not always possible to spend a hefty amount of money on travelling. In such a situation, people seek out for every possible option to cut their travelling cost if possible. However, as lame as it sounds, some options can help you travel for free. 

Free only means no cash transactions, but there is an exchange of kind when you are travelling for free, like work and time. This concept of free travelling is becoming more popular among people nowadays. 

Following are the 5 simple hacks for trip freaks to enjoy and travel the world for free!

1. House-sitting or pet-sitting

House-sitting or pet-sitting is a great way to go about travelling for free. There are so many sites that list homes available for house-sitting for all the travellers out there.

Many people list out their apartments for house-sitting and the interested person can contact them for further discussions. The concerned person has to take care of the house and can live for free. The owner mostly has a pet or two that needs to be taken care of too. 

The best part is that choosing house-sitting is the least effort-consuming option to travel for free. The only job you have is to take good care of the place. Which obviously, when you get to live for free, is not an issue. Also, if the owner has pets, you will have to feed them and that’s all!

There are some situations, where the owner even pays the caretaker, which is always a cherry on top. You get the best of both worlds, living for free and earning at the same time. House-sitting is one of the best options when it comes to travel the world for free.

House-sitting or pet-sitting
House-sitting or pet-sitting

2. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a site where people can list their houses, inviting travellers to come and stay with them. This way, you get an opportunity to meet and interact with new people, get free accommodation, and thus travelling for free. 

Couchsurfing is a brilliant option for all the people who love travelling. People from all around the globe open their houses for travellers to stay.

Moreover, every year Couchsurfing events are organised where you can interact with your host in person. It is the most popular and easiest way to stay for free. 

3. House-swapping

House-swapping literally means swapping homes with someone else for free and it is gaining popularity with time. But, there is some amount that you need to pay as an annual subscription. And that is all you need to spend with house swapping. Once the annual fee is made, you are free to stay in someone else’s home for a specified period of time.

For listing you home on house-swapping, your house must be a prime location that has a lot of visitors. It is quite recommended to book your stay in advance because it is very difficult to get your hands on an excellent place to stay at the very last minute. 


4. Teach abroad

Almost every person who is a freak for travelling would love to do it for free. And teaching abroad is a great way to go about free travelling. There are many exams and certificate courses you can opt for if you wish to teach overseas. 

If you get to teach abroad, first, you get a handsome paycheck, second, you enjoy free accommodation and travel as well. 

5. Work on a cruise ship

Getting a job at the cruise ship is a piece of great news. There are so many benefits associated with this, such as free food, travel and accommodation worldwide. You also get paid, which is a bonus above all. There is a variety of posts you can apply for in a cruise ship such as a babysitter, fitness instructor, bartender, etc. 

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