5 Unpredictable kids you won’t even believe exists


Kids are very unpredictable and can easily amaze you at any time. This is why it is always said that parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world.

But, sometimes, not only the parents are shocked by unpredictable kids, but so is the whole entire world. Thus, some such kids are added to the following list of the most unpredictable kids in the world. Let’s see all the kids who are challenging the innocence of their childhood:

1. Gun Firing

In 2013-14 another shocking came up that left many people astonished when a 39-year-old shooting range instructor was shot dead.

The most shocking part of this incident was that the culprit was an 8-year-old kid. She is one of the unpredictable kids who somehow accidently while checking the grip of her Uzi submachine, shot the instructor. 

Gun Firing

She lost her grip and the gun was on automatic mode when she fired a single shot which caused the death of the instructor. Later with further investigation, it was found that the instructor had himself caused his death. He made a poor judgement and have improper instructions. There was massive outrage regarding this incident in concern of safety and illegal use of weapons. 

2. 7-year-old get married

Approximately 150 guests attended the marriage of seven-year-old kid with a nine-year-old friend. The story of these unpredictable kids happened in Texas. Seven-year-old Jose Griggs who was suffering from cancer tied knot with nine-year-old Jayla Copper. Jayla was suffering from the severe form of leukaemia and it was her last wish to get married to her friend.

The marriage was carried out as per any usual ceremony, the bridge was in a white dress and the groom was declared as her best friend forever. Sadly, just after two months of the marriage, Jayla passed away, but she had planned her funeral. Everyone present in the funeral of this unpredictable kid wore pink and celebrate her life with a dinner party.

3. Trash channel baby

When in 1991 the maintenance people in the Bronx apartment cam to take out the trash from the channel, they were completely in shock.

They were doing their regular duty when they heard a crying baby in the channel. And instead of turning down the compactor, the men decided to call the police.

Trash channel baby

The police entered the channel and found a barely alive baby under a pile of papers. It was found after further investigation into the matter that the baby’s mother was a 12 years old young teen who dropped her baby into the channel. The baby was luckily saved by defeating all odds. 

4. Kid dropping from 5 storey-building

Everyone was in complete shock when they saw a 2-year-old kid falling straight from a five-story building. This incident happened at Bronx apartment in 2017, when Audrianna, one of the most unpredictable kids playing on the windowsill. The window was always locked from the inside, but that day something very unusual happened. 

Isabella, Audrianna’s 17-year-old cousin, came to visit her and was playing with her. She had opened the lock of the windowsill to hear the sound of pouring rain outside clearly. Then, she left the room to grab a pizza from the kitchen; that’s when she heard the sound of a loud bang.

It was Audrianna who had just fallen down from the windowsill, but luckily she had a perfect landing in the awning available there. A man standing on the balcony of his second-storey apartment caught the baby who was still smiling with little bruises on her arms. 

5. A kid performing cesarean

A few years ago, a video of a fifteen-year-old boy performing cesarean went extremely viral on the internet. The video shows a boy named Dileepan Raj performing C-section on a 20-year-old relative. Although the procedure was carried out under parental supervision who were both doctors, but people heavily criticized it. 

The main aim of letting out this video of a kid performing the full-on C-section operation was to make him featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. Strict actions were taken once this matter was brought to the attention of the Medical Association. Parents were charged under multiple charges, including endangering safety, forgery, and homicide. The best part to note is that the baby was delivered safely. 

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