Have a look at top 8 of most Unusual Creatures of the World


Our world is full of so many beautiful and different things that are still unheard of and hidden from everyone. Not just beautiful, some things look weird and unusual, but they exist with us in the same world, and we must know about them.

These unusual creatures look different and have different features than the usual ones. You might think the list of these unusual creatures would be quite short, but that’s not the case. There are so many such animals in the world. Following are just some of these creatures that everyone must know about:

1. Panda ant

Panda ant is an ant that is known to have the cuteness of a panda. It is not exactly an ant but a wasp that has a very painful sting (not as cute as the name) and is capable of killing a two-pound animal with six stings. It is sometimes called “cow-killer” due to its deadly nature and stings. 

Panda ant is found in Argentina and Chile and they generally don’t live like usual wasps in nests or colonies. They have a very different living and hunting habits than usual wasps.

Panda ants are also known as velvet ants because they have a dense pile of hair on their shield. They generally lay their eggs in another’s nest and stay there as well. 

Panda ant
Panda ant

2. Royal Antelope

Royal antelope is found in Ghana and Sierra Leone region and they are the smallest antelope in the world. It is very similar to a calf in appearance, but a little too small than a calf.

When you see a close picture of a royal antelope, you can easily see how little they are in size. They have extra grown hind legs and have a short tail. Also, they have big cute eyes and small ears, and female royal antelopes are more significant than the male ones. 

3. Belgian Blue Bull 

It is not every day that you read about or see a bull with heavily built body muscles throughout his body. Belgian Blue Bull is a breed of bull that is very popular for having a very unusual look with properly built muscular body.

They are one of the most extraordinary creatures of the world with a visibly unique physique called “double muscling”. They even have perfectly defined backs and lions that makes them weigh upto 1200 kg which is very heavy as compared to normal weight of a cow being 900 kb maximum. 

4. Red Crab Migration

Millions of Red crabs come out of forests and migrate every year during October or November for the purpose of mating. They usually migrate towards Australia’s Christmas Island. The whole sight of so many crabs moving is truly unusual than anything you would have ever seen. 

It is definitely considered as one of the most unusual creatures. These crabs march all together and are very high in number. Mostly the male crabs are in the lead of the march while the female ones follow them in line. 

Red Crab Migration
Red Crab Migration

5. Red-lipped Batfish

When you look at a red-lipped batfish, it will look pretty usual to you in the first glance. But the unusual thing you will notice when you look a little closer is its red lips.

Red-lipped batfish has permanently red-coloured lips and hence adding it to the list of the most unusual creatures of the world. The whole body of this fish is of a light brown colour with the white-coloured stomach. 

6. The lyrebird

Lyrebird is another such to be one of the unusual creatures of the world. They are found in the Australian region and are known for mimicking any sound they hear. Lyrebird can copy the sound of other animals, a camera clicking sound, etc. They are vocal learners with an elaborate tail. These mostly sign during winters. 

If you want to read more about such unusual creatures, you can check the following links and find what you need:

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