List of Positives and Negatives of Online Shopping You Should know


Online shopping is a world-renowned concept that nearly everyone knows about somehow or the other. The Internet has definitely changed the way we shop to a very great extent. In today’s time, it is very old fashioned to go to the mall or market to buy things. It is far better and convenient to order things online and get it delivered to your doorstep than the traditional shopping experience. 

When you shop online, anything you like is just a few clicks away from you. You get it delivered at your doorstep with maximum ease and no proper efforts. But, just like any other technology, online shopping also has its own positives and negatives. 

Following mentioned are some points of Positives and Negatives of ordering something online you should know before ordering anything online:

Positives of Online Shopping

1. A better and convenient method

When you go for traditional shopping, it takes in a lot of effort on the part of the user. While ordering online, you can order anything at any time and get it delivered anywhere you want.

Thus, the efforts on the user’s part is way less while shopping online. Also, the convenience level is higher than traditional shopping. Working people will always prefer online shopping over the old fashioned one. 

A better and convenient method
A better and convenient method

2. Price comparison is comparatively easier

It is easier to compare rates and benefits of products so much better in online shopping rather than in traditional shopping. When you go to a shop or mall for shopping, if you indulge in comparing prices of each and everything, that sure will be very time consuming. It is always better to conserve your efforts and energy, which in the case of shopping, is possible only in shopping online. 

3. You can always find products on discounts or sale

When you open any prominent online website for shopping, it is only reasonable to find deals going on the site. Thus, it is positive for buying something online, because you find the same things at a discounted price. People are more interested in buying online than the traditional way as it is a bit more affordable. 

You can always find products on discounts or sale
You can always find products on discounts or sale

4. You find unlimited choices

When buying something online, you will face a variety of choices, which is not very much possible in traditional shopping.

Stores usually have a minimal things, but the online sites have unlimited options for the users to choose from as per their liking and preference. 

5. There is no pressure to buy

When you go shopping in an outlet, there is always at least one customer executive seeking to help you and somehow you feel pressured to make a purchase. This pressure is not an issue while buying things online. Because in online shopping, it’s just you surfing through the products and ordering it, there is no presence of anyone except you. Sometimes, having an executive around you becomes awkward, but buying things online eliminates this factor altogether. 

Negatives of Online Shopping

1. Delay in the delivery of the product

Getting products delivered at your doorstep can be a long process and take upto 4 to 5 business days at lease. Also, the delivery also gets delayed due to some reasons. However, when you shop with the traditional way, you get the product immediately. 

Delay in the delivery of the product
Delay in the delivery of the product

2. You cannot try things on

Buying something online has a massive drawback that a user cannot try things on before making the final purchase decision.

Working and then buying a product is always better than blindfolded picking anything you feel will fit you. However, this can be done in traditional shopping. 

3. High risk of fraud

When you are buying online, you are open to all sorts of frauds such as phishing, identity theft, hacking, credit card scams, etc. User must be very cautious while ordering online about the potential possibilities of scams. 

High risk of fraud
High risk of fraud

4. Absence of sales assistance

When you visit a store to buy something, a sales executive is always there to assist you with all your needs and queries which is still helpful.

But, when you order online, you are on your own, and there is no assistance from anyone. This is one of the drawbacks of buying online. 

5. You end up spending too much time online

When you decide to order something online, generally it requires and takes up a lot of research and time to finally decide what to order. You end up spending a lot of time online and that is never a good thing. If you find something you like, it’s most likely that you will explore more trying to find other interesting items and thus spending a lot of time online. 

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