List of top 6 pros and cons of technology


Technology is an inevitable part of our daily lives and we are very dependent on it in today’s time. We use technology daily in some way or the other. The rate at which it is growing and developing is pretty shocking to accept. However, there are so many debates about whether technology is good or bad for us. 

However, it is the user who decides if it is right for them or bad for them and why. After all, everyone has their own opinion about everything they use.

All technologies have very different importance and effect on people’s lives and their dependence as well. But, just like any innovation, technological innovation also has its own good and a bad influence on its users. Following are a few pros and cons of technology that everyone must keep in mind.

Pros of Technology

1. It gives access to more information

Internet is a vast place and you can access any information you want anytime and anywhere. Which means you can collect and gain more knowledge in a lot less time. The data we access online helps us in all respects, such as studies, work, etc. 

It gives access to more information
It gives access to more information

2. It helps in better communication

Communicating with others becomes so much easier. It is said that the internet has decreased the distance between people.

Now if you miss someone who lives abroad, they are just a call away just because of the internet. It has brought people very close to each other. 

3. Better entertainment

The entertainment industry has developed so much in the past few decades. Like, live televisions, 3D movies, etc. Every single day some sort of advancement is happening in the entertainment front, making it so much bigger and better than ever. 

Better entertainment
Better entertainment

4. It increases production and profitability

The overall productivity and efficiency improve when businesses use using updated technology. Thus, resulting in better and bigger profits for the company. And who doesn’t like benefits and money? 

5. It is time-saving

The most obvious advantage is that it is time-saving. You can complete the task at hand much quicker than otherwise and with more efficiency. Activities like cleaning, cooking, commuting take a lot less time. 

6. It improves social networking

Social media has brought people very close to one another. If you ever want to talk to someone, they are just a click away through social networking apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Cons of technology

1. It creates a social disconnect

People these days invest so much in tech gadgets and spend so much time on them that the socially disconnect themselves. People feel more comfortable expressing themselves online rather than in the real world in front of people. They refrain themselves from real human interactions which is very unhealthy by all means.  

It creates a social disconnect
It creates a social disconnect

2. It creates dependency

The dependence is increasing at such a fast pace that it might become alarming in the future.

People say they cannot live without the internet, as normal as it sounds, it definitely is not. This dependence can become very unhealthy before you know it and it is one of the cons. 

3. It requires constant updates

For smooth functionality and best experience, it needs regular updates which takes a lot of time and effort for sure. And the update does not come for free, and it comes with a price tag. Businesses always need to update their systems to cope up with the fast-growing world, which is a big downfall. 

4. Loss of employment

Tech innovations such as robots that perform identically as any humans have somehow resulted in massive loss of human labour and thus employment. Tech is somehow replacing real human resources in the workplace, which is a huge con. 

Loss of employment
Loss of employment

5. It creates weapons for mass destruction

Creating weapons of mass destruction is not a big deal now with such tech innovations. With some research on the internet, people can surely create atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, etc.  

6. It promotes plagiarism and copying

Information that is available online is always prone to piracy and copy. Anyone can easily make the copy look absolutely authentic and not copied at all in any way. Plagiarism is one of the cons of the internet that everyone must be very aware of when posting anything online. 

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