London travel guide: Where to stay and what to do?


We all love travelling, whether be it a road trip or a city tour. It is always new and exciting to visit and know about new places in the world. It is a good habit as it benefits your physical and mental health and makes your soul lively. It opens the mind and refreshes your soul. 

When you are travelling to a big, lovely and exciting place like London, it is going to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. London is a fantastic place. There are innumerable ways to visit such a beautiful site. 

But, for a new traveler, you must have questions in your mind such as where to stay in London and what to do?

Where to stay in London?

London is a prominent place and offers you many right places as a host. But, there is always the best based on some aspects and factors. The area should be comfortable, safe and entertaining for a tourist. 

One such place that completes all of your demands is, 

Covent Garden 

Yes, this place is considered to be one of the best places if you are a first time tourist. It has a typical local kind of feeling, and you are not going to get bored. The place is quite handy for restaurants, shops, etc. All the things that a tourist will need are available here. As a tourist, you may not want to be to a place where you have to struggle to find out basic things. So, this place is much recommended.

What to do in London?

London is such a place with so many options. You can shop there, you can visit a theatre place, or you can roam around as it is equally entertaining and fun. 


Shopping is one such big reason due to which people visit London. Yes, regardless of what kind of shopping you love, London serves you all. It has one of the most significant market places in the town, and you will get your favourite goods at reasonable prices. You can shop for anything, and for anyone.

There are various places in London that you can visit,

Carnaby street

It is one of the most popular shopping streets in London where you can get the best western wear.

Westfield London

This is the mall that offers you everything that you desire. There are departmental stores, restaurants, theatres, etc. This place is fantastic for shopping.

King’s Road

King’s road is another busy shopping area to fulfil your shopping demands and needs. It offers a wide variety of goods for men and women but, this is the best place for chic dresses.

Sloane street

It is another all-in-one kind of shopping destination. It saves your time as it offers you a lot of things at one particular place.

Oxford street

You should visit oxford street for shopping the best designer wears available in the latest fashion and trends.

Apart from these, there are lots of markets that you can go for shopping. 

Another thing that you can love in London is its historical attractions. Yes, like any other ancient city, it has a royal tradition and culture.

Museums And Historical Places

The West End of the city has various numbers of museums that you can visit to know about the fantastic things. Madame Tussauds is one such big attraction for tourists. You can also visit the House Of Parliament. The Science Museum and the National Gallery are never to miss out kind of places. 

Not only museums, but there are also other magnificent sites to visit, Southwark Cathedral, Albert memorial, Tower Bridge exhibition and many more. These places are fascinating and beautiful at the same time. You can never feel bored and out of energy. The aura of these places is enough to make you engaged. 

Thames River

One can visit the Thames River, which is one of the most soothing and refreshing places that you can visit, and even if you visit the place so many times, it never feels the same. Yes, it has its vibes that creates a sense of freshness to the soul. If you visit London and come back without reaching the Thames, you have missed a lot. 


Many parks are designed so beautifully with all nature just for you. Visit any of the green parks in London to get the best experience of your life. Regent’s park, Clapham common, Dulwich park, etc. are the most visited places.

There are greenery and other attractions all around. When the weather is beautiful, it becomes more worthy to enjoy such sites. We hope that this article clears the confusion of where to stay in London and what to do? London is a must go place if you are travel enthusiast.

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