Take a look at the top 5 best Book Fairs from across the globe


A person may get bored or feel alone while being in the middle of the party, but there is hardly any chance that he will feel the same while being along heaps of books.

He may be puzzled, startled, happy or have questions regarding the books. To give the same splendid experience to lakhs or crores of people at the same time, book fairs around the world are organized. Book fairs seem to be a paradise for book lovers as there are numerous categories of books available. 

In case you are fascinated by the idea of having thousands of books around you, take a ride on the most famous book fairs organized across the globe. The organizers take care of the choices of the readers and present the latest updates among the audience. Let’s us see the speciality of the top book fairs organized.

1. Book Expo America

If you talk about the most significant annual trade book event in the USA, then Book Expo America will be listed on the top. Started back by the American Bookseller Association Convention and Trade Show in 1947, the book fair has gained worldwide popularity presently.  

Book Expo America stand out from other book fairs organized across the globe as it is specially arranged for the book retailers like librarians and authors. The display of the book goes hand in hand with the mini-conferences. These conferences revolve around blogging to digital publishing, thereby opening many options for the visitors. 

Book Expo America
Book Expo America

2. London Book Fair

London Bookfair is held in London. It is half a century old event providing an excellent platform for the small publishers. The book fair is specially organized for librarians all across the globe.  

Moreover, the event is considered as a central place for the distribution of content across audio, TV, film, digital and print media. London Book Fair is worldwide famous as more than 25,000 publishers with bookseller and agents look forward to it.

3. Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is the annual book fair held every year in Abu Dhabi. It was first organized in 2007 by KITAB which is a joint venture by Abhu Dhabi Authority for Culture and heritage and Frankfurt Book Fair. With the presence of more than 637 publishing houses from 52 countries, the event also displays the country’s native culture over the six days.

Various negotiations for the sale of rights and licensing of the Arabic language, Middle Eastern and North African publishers are also being held in the book fair.

The event aims to grow the publishing industry and reading enhancement in Abu Dhabi and its neighbouring Emirate countries. The motive of developing a network between Arabic countries and international publishing communities is well served in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

4. Frankfurt Book Fair 

When you talk about the paradise for book lovers, then Frankfurt Book Fair is the best place to define it. The book fair is held in Germany, usually in the month of October every year. With over 7,000 visitors from around 100 countries, it has become a dream place for every literacy lover. 

Anyone who wants to be in the literary world aspires to be in the Frankfurt Book Fair. 

The week-long festival is witnessed by millions of visitors, thousands of publishers, agents, film producers, professionals and academics. The fair started long back in the fifteen century. 

5. New Delhi World Book Fair

Being held in the first couple of months every year in India, New Delhi World Book Fair is one of the oldest and most important book fairs festivals across the globe.

Around 12,000 publishers took part, thus making the collaboration of more than 18 languages. The National book trust organizes the book fair, thus showcasing the best authors and publishers from all around the world. 

One of the most unusual things about the New Delhi World Book Fair is its multiple cultural events showcasing vast and colourful Indian culture. The dance shows with the musical recitals and book readings add up the glitters in the event. 

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