The Best Cheap Eateries options from Around the World


When one is travelling around the world, then getting the best food becomes the priority of anyone. However, people usually have the myth of entering in the expensive eating corners to get the best food. But, it doesn’t turn to be positive always as the quality of the food is not always proportional to its price. 

Suppose if you get the best food at the lowest price. Then, it will be like icing on the cake. So, let us look at some of the best eating corners that will satisfy not only your stomach but also your pocket. 

There is nothing better than a delicious and cheap meal! No matter where you are headed in the world, most times, the most inexpensive food tastes the best. The quality of the food is not always proportional to its price. However, sometimes, you have to research where to find the best cheap eats in the world. Let us see some of those:

1. Korean Sushi of Gimbap 

When you are talking about the cheapest and best sushi all around the world, then Korean sushi will always be on the top. It is prepared with the seasoned rice which is wrapped in seaweed.

The dish is topped with toasted sesame seeds. The fillings of the sushi is available in various options like pickled radish, cucumber, tofu, meat, grated carrots, etc.,

Korean Sushi of Gimbap
Korean Sushi of Gimbap

2. Pho of Vietnam

Pho which was earlier as an option for breakfast or late-night snack can be eaten all throughout the day presently. It is originated in Northern Vietnam, but after the partition, the people brought it to the southern Vietnamese too. The best part of Pho is that it costs less while giving different flavours. It is present in multiple eating corners of Vietnam. 

3. Kaiten-Zushi of Japan

Usually, Japan is considered as a costly place and you have to think twice while ordering food at many eating corners. But this is not true with every place as Kaiten-zushi is one option you can go for with ease. It is a kind of rotating sushi served by the name of Kaiten-zushi. Attached with the lower price, they are delicious too. 

4. Tacos of Mexico

When you want to try a variety of flavours in one dish, then taco is an excellent option to go for eating. It is basically a folding of wheat or corn filled with meat, veggies or fish.

Besides that, toppings of avocados, onions and salsa is also served with it. The speciality of the dish is the rich flavours present in every bite you take. However, Mexican tacos taste differently from the westernized one, which is the copy of the former one. 

Tacos of Mexico
Tacos of Mexico

5. Smoked salmon bagel of London

Something which has a swath of cream with a lot of fish sounds delicious and that too with smoky flavours. A famous bakery named Beigel Bake Bakery served the same, which makes the people from across the world make a queue outside the eating corner. The delicious food is available 24hrs for the customers and must try option for the food lovers. 

6. Thali (India)

Along with the rich and varied culture of India, its food looks like festival too. Thus, to get the experience of Indian culture at a time, try Indian thali for sure.

It comes with three different types of curries with pickles, curd or raita. Along with, bread, rice as well as sweet is also being served. The best part of the thali for any tourist is its price. With such a huge variety of cuisine in a single plate 

The best way to savour authentic Indian flavours is with a thali. It usually contains three types of curries and other addons like pickles, curd or raita, chapati, rice, and sweet like gulab jamun. These thalis come at a very cheap price of as low as rs. 100. Getting the authentic Indian flavours at such a low price leads thali to be one of the best cheap eats options in the world. 

7. Pad Thai (Thailand)

Thailand’s colourful, crowded, food-stall packed markets are a gorgeous place to visit once in a lifetime. Then there is mouth-watering food options that are available in these markets. Pad thai is a stir-fried noodle dish and is one of the cheap eats options of Thailand. It costs around $1-4 and is the most affordable in Thai street market. This dish even promoted unity in the 20th Century. 

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