Top 10 of the most High technology houses of the world


The world is full of technological advancements and there are also many implications of technology in this time. One thing most people are doing these days is investing in building completely high technology houses that have everything anyone could ever need technology-wise for everyday luxury. 

There is always some or the other technology growing in some parts of the world. The main questions about who can afford it lies solely on the fact that the person is rich enough or not.

While there are people who would rather keep using the traditional ones because they cannot really afford to spend so much money on technology, however, it depends on the user and what is their final decision. 

Following are the top 10 high technology houses in the world:

1. Clock Tower Penthouse, Brooklyn (New York)

Clock Tower Penthouse has high-tech that controls everything you could possibly want. For example, you can keep a tab on your music system, lighting system, the temperature of your house and whatnot. Everything mentioned above is the reason that Clock Tower is in the list of most high-tech houses of the world. 

Clock Tower Penthouse, Brooklyn (New York)
Clock Tower Penthouse, Brooklyn (New York)

2. Shape-Shifting Apartment, Matosinhos (Portugal)

In Matosinhos, designers at an architectural firm came up with game-changing solution to the low spacing problem in their area. It is no shocker to know that Matosinhos has a spacing issue and the apartments there are very small.

So, the designers constructed Shape-Shifting Apartment that has smaller apartments and has movable walls so make space a little bigger. Which definitely comes in handy when you have guests coming to visit your place.  

3. Palazzo Di Amore, Beverly Hills (California)

Palazzo Di Amore is a 53,000 square foot house owned by Jeff Greene. It has a party place with a moving dance floor and a huge ballroom. There are 23 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, a swimming pool and a tennis court. 

Palazzo Di Amore, Beverly Hills (California)
Palazzo Di Amore, Beverly Hills (California)

4. The Heliotrope, Freiburg (Germany)

The Heliotrope has solar panels in all directions of the house that track the path of the sun. And consume as much as energy as possible. This is allegedly the first house to produce more energy than it uses.

Moreover, the energy produced by the house is consumed to power the temperature controlling system. Even human waste is used to create energy by solidifying the waste and then used as compost. And the clear liquids are released in the swimming pool.

5. The Gates’ Home, Lake Washington, Washington (USA)

When we are talking about most high technology houses of the world, it is very normal to see Bill Gates house on the list.

Bill Gates is the founder and CEO of the well famous company, Microsoft. His house is full of technological advancements put into solving all our day to day chores in the easiest way possible. 

Every person in the house have pins that act as a remote to control temperature, lights, music, etc. There are huge driveways, walkways and touch screen panels on every single wall to monitor every activity in the house. There is an underwater music system in the swimming pool and can be customized as per choice. 

6. Switchable Skins, Los Angeles (USA)

Switchable Skins is one of the most high technology houses that can be customized as per the user’s choice and preferences. Things like music, lights, fireplace, etc. can be controlled using simple remotes. Even the outer panels are customizable according to the user. 

Switchable Skins, Los Angeles (USA)
Switchable Skins, Los Angeles (USA)

7. Antilia, Mumbai (India)

Antilia is located in Altamount Road, Mumbai, India and its owner is Mukesh Ambani.

He is the richest man of India and his property, Antilia, stretches upto 400,000 square foot and has a total of 27 floors with very high ceilings. The total net worth of Antilia is $2 billion, and that’s why it is one of the most high technology houses of the world. 

8. Four Fairfield Pond, Sagaponac (New York)

Four Fairfield Pond is a huge mansion that has a basketball court, 39 bedrooms, and everything you could ever wish for in a house. It is a 63-acre house and has a net worth of $248.5 million. 

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